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7 Eldale Ave, Greensborough 3088

Your Caring Eye Experts

At Eye Specialists Greensborough, we aim to provide you with the latest advances in eye health in a caring, respectful manner.  We offer quality eye care that is individualized for your needs, seeking to optimize your visual potential.

Convenience & Comfort

  • GROUND LEVEL ACCESS - no external / internal stairs 

  • OFF-STREET CARPARK - same-level access to Clinic



  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Easy walk to buses & trains

We hope your visit to our Clinic at 7 Eldale Ave, Greensborough will be a pleasant experience.  When you visit us, you will find plenty of parking available in our off-street Carpark at the rear of the Clinic.  The convenient, ground level access directly from the Carpark is appreciated by our patients who require walkers or wheelchairs. 

If you would like to visit us at our modern, friendly Clinic or require further information, please call our helpful Staff on (03) 9435 6611.  We trust you will be satisfied with the quality of care you receive from our dedicated team of expert Eye Specialists.

What We Do

Cataract Surgery

Our Eye Surgeons are expert in the latest microsurgical techniques, including laser cataract surgery,  conventional phacoemulsification surgery, & premium lens implants

Macula & Retina

Eye injections & laser for Macular Degeneration, Diabetes & other conditions are performed by our Macular Subspecialists, & Surgery is offered by our Vitreoretinal Team


Stent devices, minimally invasive surgery. laser & drops all offered by our expert Glaucoma Specialists, with the latest technology available for screening, diagnosis & monitoring 

Lids, Tear Ducts, Orbit

Our Oculoplastics Team has expertise in lid, tear drainage & orbital problems, including lid droop & malposition, lid lumps & watery eyes, as well as more complex orbital conditions

Comprehensive Eye Care

Our Eye Specialists are committed to holistic Eye Care, caring for the whole of your visual system, including prevention and early detection in order to maximise your quality of vision

Expert Doctors, Quality Care

Dr Sue Cochrane

Dr Sue Cochrane is an Eye Specialist and Surgeon with special expertise in Cataract Surgery, and Macula & Retinal conditions.  She also cares for people with glaucoma, including with Stent devices, and treats many other eye conditions

Dr Rosie Dawkins

Dr Rosie Dawkins is a Vitreoretinal Surgeon, and Macula & Retinal Specialist.  She has a special interest in conditions affecting the retina and macula, including retinal detachments, epiretinal membranes, macular holes and diabetic retinopathy

Dr Li Ping Chow

Dr Li Ping Chow is an Eye Specialist and Surgeon with a special interest in Cataract Surgery and Macula & Retinal conditions.  She also treats a wide range of other eye conditions including glaucoma, and inserts stent devices for this condition

Dr Alp Atik 
Alp_Atik_portrait_2019-07-25_IMG_0527_cropped copy_edited.jpg

Dr Alp Atik is a dual fellowship-awarded Cataract and Glaucoma Surgeon, with expertise in multiple procedures, laser and eye injections. He collaborates with Harvard Medical School in important eye research for which he has won the prestigious

Dr J J Khong

Dr JJ Khong is an Oculoplastic Surgeon and Eye Specialist who specialises in surgery for eye lid, lacrimal (tear drainage) and orbital conditions.  She is also an expert Cataract Surgeon and treats other eye conditions

Dr Chengde Pham
Profile 1 (2).png

Dr Chengde Pham is a highly skilled Cataract Paediatric and Adult Eye Surgeon with experience in multiple procedures, laser and eye injections for both adults and children.


(03) 9435 6611

Our Location

7 Eldale Ave,

Greensborough VIC 3088

(03) 9435 6611
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