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Glaucoma - Prevention, Screening & Treatment

Optimizing Your Glaucoma Care

Did you know there are many different types of glaucoma, as well as many different types of treatment?   


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Glaucoma Subspecialty Treatment

Our Glaucoma Specialists are expert in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of glaucoma, using all of the available treatment modalities for the condition, including;

  • Stent Devices / Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

  • Laser including Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

  • Trabeculectomy & other surgical modalities

Many types of glaucoma exist, and our Specialists will thoroughly evaluation your particular condition in order to offer you the most appropriate treatment.

Screening and monitoring can be performed at our Clinic using the latest in modern diagnostic technology, including Spectralis Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer Imaging & Humphrey Visual Field Testing.

Exciting advances, such as the use of Stent devices, have greatly expanded our treatment options for glaucoma, and exciting ongoing research, such as that into the role of Vitamin B3 supplementation, will expand these options even further.  Please call our helpful, friendly Staff on (03) 9435 6611 to arrange an appointment or for further information on the services we offer.

7 Eldale Ave, Greensborough

(03) 9439 6611

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