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Comprehensive Eye Care

Care For Your Whole Visual System

Our Eye Specialists will care for the health of your whole visual system, and will consider other health or lifestyle factors that may have an impact on your quality of vision.  From the clarity of the window-like cornea and focusing lens at the front of your eye to the efficiency of the optic nerve and the visual cortex in your brain, all aspects of the visual system must function in an optimal manner for you to see clearly. 

Maintaining your vision involves regular screening of your eyes for the presence of any visual conditions, particularly if you have a family history of eye problems.   To prevent future visual problems, we aim to detect the presence or risk of eye issues at the earliest possible stage.  Your Ophthalmologist can advise you on a schedule of eye health checks that is appropriate for you. 

Please ring our friendly, helpful Staff on (03) 9435 6611 if you wish to arrange a review at Eye Specialists Greensborough or you have any questions.

7 Eldale Ave, Greensborough

(03) 9439 6611

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